My Name is Duckie Crew (not really) I am the founder of the #duckcrew© and the LivestreamerGuide©™ We were born on ‪#‎Periscope, when "trolls" interrupted the broadcast with inappropriate words or questions.

We were inspired by one broadcaster to turn what they did into a business.  A few days later the #duckcrew© was born simply by sharing the knowledge of business.

We feel that the higher the heart rating, the better the content; which speaks loads to the content of the broadcasters’ message.

We are here to support, empower, and give hearts for the great messages that Periscope Broadcaster deliver in the form of Throwing "BRICKS". These bricks of knowledge hits you like a ton of bricks, more than just a simple "aha moment".

#DUCKCREW© IS now in the business of Evaluating Periscope and Livestream Broadcast's for content that is helpful.  The Periscope/Livestream Broadcaster can request to be added to the LivestreamerGuide©™ or a request to join will be sent through a Twitter Message during their broadcast.

To be added to the LivestreamerGuide©™  Periscope/Livestream  Broadcasters must have designated and consistent times when theY broadcast..