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Duckie Crew

Founder, CEO

These are the questions that Periscope Viewers want to know. Can you imagine even with the upgrades that Periscope is making i.e., categories, why do you have to sift through every broadcast from your desktop computer or laptop to find the Best #PeriCasters on #Periscope.

Our goal with the #PeriCasterGuide©™ is to establish an online guide for people viewing Periscope Online from your laptop or deskstop computer that will take you directly to the Periscope Link.

We all have those special Periscope Topics that we like to listen to because of their content but it is very nerve racking trying to find the Best Periscopers to follow. Especially when you have so many people just periscoping out of boredom
, and having to sift through so many scopes on you're desktop/laptop to find a decent scope.

We feel that the number of hearts a person has is the single most determining factor as to the content. Hearts are the payment source for the broadcasters’ time and energy to bring you the information that you “need” to hear. We also feel that their is a need to avoid those broadcasting out of boredom vs those who are consistently broadcasting, deliver the best content.

Trending just says they have a lot of followers they have hearts; but says nothing about the content of their broadcast, a person could be doing just about anything and get to the Trending spot.

The PeriCasterGuide©™ is especially useful for those who watch Periscope from their Desktop and Laptop. Direct Links to those Periscope Broadcasters can be accessed from our PeriCasterGuide, similar to  The TVGuide app. (PeriCasterGuide App coming soon).

Direct Links will be added to the PericasterGuide©™ as the Periscope Broadcasters Sign-up to be listed We will cover all categories as decided by Members of the #DUCKCREW.